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Light Source Denver is the FIRST CHOICE for Grip-Lighting  Trucks  in Colorado   We are all about Grip and Lighting Trucks,  We have Camera Dollies, Camera Jibs, Sliders, and Dana Dolly's, Sticks with Fluid Heads, Monitors, ARRI M~12 and M~1800w HMI's,  ASTRA 1x1 LED Bi Color Panels,  ARRI SkyPanels S60 LED Soft Lights, Quasar Battery Powered LED Tube kits,  ARRI, Kino Flo, Joker Bugs, 200w~400w~800w,  LiteMat 2 L & 4L Plus   All the Honda Generators.  We have all Crewing available Gaffers, Grips, Sound and Make up,  Our Specialty is ~ On Location Lighting,  and we carry everything needed, including All Tools of the Trade on all of our Grip Trucks for any type of Shoot. All Grip Trucks have  30 Rolls of Gel and Diffusion + 1000H Tracing Vellum,  12x12, 8x8, 6x6 sets  24x36 18x24 & 4x4  Floppy Flags & Cutters + Crates of Rigging at N/C.  We can squeegee N-D 3~6 or 9 gel on windows in minutes..  We also carry all Expendables on Trucks.. Black and White Foam Core, 4x8  Bead Board, Show Card,  1/2 & Full Soft Frost, Full, 1/2 & 1/4 Grid Cloth, Hi-lite, Ultra Bounce, Duvetyne, Muslin Cloth,   Seamless, Green Screen, White, Black, Gray, ect.  in 9ft & 12ft wide rolls.  also have Heaters, Pop~Ups, Tables and Chairs,  We are located in Castle Rock Colorado  10 minutes  south Denver towards Colorado Springs, Our facility is rural on 15 acres, on a converted cattle ranch.  We drive to all our customers locations, we started in Denver in 1981 then moved out here in 1999 we have been in this location 21 years.  The owner/gaffer Tommy sends his young selected gaffers and grips out on jobs these days..  Let us Email you a Bid in minutes  Tommy's c 303 919-3333                                            


    Arri LED Skypanel S60                                   3 Ton Truck                                   Denver Nuggets   


 We Work in all of Colorado, and of course right here in our Own Backyard...  Castle Rock CO, Denver CO,  Parker CO, Centennial CO, Englewood CO, Lone Tree CO, Colorado Springs CO,  Pueblo CO, Golden CO, Aurora CO. Arvada CO,  Longmont CO, Louisville CO,  We Travel with our Grip Trucks, to your desired Location...   Private Homes, Office Buildings,  Colorado Olympic Training Center,  Denver Broncos at Dove Valley.  Pepsi Center,  Coors Field,  Westin Denver at DIA  Airport,  3 jobs with Oprah 1 with Cher 1 with Tom Cruise and 1 with Weight Watchers on  3/05/2020 just to name a few..


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