Light Source Denver   office  303 663-9701       Call 24hrs a Day   Tommy     cell  303 919-3333


 3.5  Ton Grip Truck w/Grip Package   350.00 per Day  any Repeat Customer 295.00

     3.5  Ton   Grip Truck  Equipment Package listed Below


12ea   C / Stands w/ Grip  Heads & Arms 60"  Matthews 

8ea  Aluminum  2ea  Steel Combo Stands w/ rm Legs 

2ea  42x42 Silver (Real) Shiny Boards w/ Pivoting Yoke

4ea  Medium Rollers w  4.5 heads

6ea  Baby Beefy Stands

6ea   Baby Beefy Roller Stands  

2ea  Speed C-Clamps w/ 1 1/4  Aluminum Rail~ Pipe

4ea   4" 6" 8"  C-Clamps w 5/8 spuds

2ea   Medium Stands w 4.5 Grip Heads  

6ea   4.5 Grip Heads & 5/8 Standard Grip Heads 

4ea   Chain  and  4 Vice Grips w 5/8 Spuds

6ea   Baby Pipe Hangers   2ea  Senior

1ea    8ft  &  6ft   Fiberglass Ladders

12ea   Spring Clamps  #1  and  #2

6ea   Baby  2 Senior Nail on Plates

Large Bag of Scrap Duvetyne 2 to 6ft Pieces  N/C

15ea   Traffic Cones and Fire Extinguisher

2ea  Mirrors 14x14 acrylic in frames w 5/8 f spuds    

1ea   12x12   Overhead Set and  Frame

1ea   8x8   Overhead  Set  and  Frame

1ea   6x6  Overhead Set and Frame

4ea  48x48  Floppy Flags 2 Nets &  2 Silks

4ea Cardellini & Maffer Clamps  w 5/8 spuds  

6ea   24x36 Flags, Double & Single Nets

6ea   18x24 Flags, Double & Single Nets

4ea   12x18 Flags, Double & Single Nets

4ea  Apple Boxes  Full, Halfs, Quarters, & 8th

20ea    20Lb Sand Bags ~ 6ea  Shot Bags

 1ea   4x4 Bare Frames with  Opal, 216, 251, 250,   N/C  

1 1/4 Aluminum Rail~ Pipe  w/  Fittings N/C 

Special  3/8 Threaded Mini & Regular Cardellini's         Steve Cardellini builds Special items for us 

So Much Rigging can't list it all,   call for any details

All Grip Trucks are Super Heavy Loaded 

Listed below is on Truck On an as Used Basis

30 Rolls of Rosco Gel & Diffusion at 9.00 per ft.    

Ronford & Manfrotto Heads & Sticks & Hi Hat

Tape Roll Set B/W Paper & Gaffers ect.

8ea  Show Cards   Gold  Silver &  Black & White 

20 Total  Dimmers Variac & Electronic  650w to 3.5K

Panasonic Monitor 18" BTLH w  5/8 f mount

2ea   3M ATG  Tape Guns w  Double Stick Tape

Real Glass Mirrors 42x42 mounted on back of   Shiny Boards with Pivoting Yokes  please request

 DANA  Camera Sliders always  on all Grip Trucks on an as used basis   w 1 1/4 Aluminum Rail~ Pipe Legs

We Squeegee  N/D  on Windows in Minutes and carry  all tools and cutters  needed

1000H Traceing Vellum  48" & 72" Rolls  on all  Trucks

Full Selection of all Colored Gels Red, Blue, ect ect.

4ea  Foamcore  Black and White 48x96  Full Sheets  4x8 ft

 1800 ARRI Baby Max Par.  800w & 400w Joker on request 

Many Tungsten Lights 2k, 1k,  650w 200w  on as used

 Plywood 4x4 or 4x8 on request   

Duvetyne and Bleached Muslin 

Enlarger Globes 211-212-213 w Hand~ Dimmers 

 Roll of  Visqueen   Black or Clear  50ft x 20ft Rolls

Dulling Spray & N-D Sprays  B & W they freeze in winter please request to have on Truck

  Seamless Green Screen   9ft & 12 ft Rolls 25 yrd.  

GoPro Heads w/ mini threaded 3/8 cardellinis

1  EZ Jib Arm    Sticks and Weights   on request

All Special Rags for 12x12, 8x8, 6x6   Full & Half Soft Frost, Ultra Bounce & Grid Cloth  in Full,  1/4 & 1/2 

Dana Dolly Camera Slider with 6ft  8ft   Lenghts of Aluminum  1 1/4 Rail~ Pipe always on Truck

All Special Rags & Sizes  Silver, Gold, Ultra Bounce 

Black Popup Tents 10x10 w/side curtains                 Magliners w/ Top Shelf & 16bu Hampers 

Doorway Dolly   (Track and Skate Wheels on request) 

Please call and we can  talk over your special needs,  Like Tables & Chairs... Heaters...Walkie Talkies...Honda Generators...Ice Chests..Green Screen any size.. ect. We will bring it to you in the Grip Truck....And if you want that Run & Gun Grip Driver. I have great qualified ones that have been with me for years..