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Quartz- Halogen Lighting:
All mole Richardson

 Rental Per Day


10k Baby Tenor 95.00
5k Baby Senior 45.00
2k Baby Junior 40.00
1k Baby  Baby 35.00
650w Tweenie Mole 33.00
200w Mini Mole 25.00  
200w Midgets 25.00  
Mini Mole or Midget focal spot 22.00  
Baby Baby Focal Spot with patterns 30.00  

Open Face

2k Mighty Mole 35.00
1k Mickey Mole 25.00
 Alminum Par 64  cans   wide, med, or narrows  30.00  

Molepars    with all bulbs wide to narrow

Maxibrute Ninelights 3200k 9kw call   
Source 4 Leikos       19* 26* 36* 50* 45.00  
Molefays   FCX or DAY  globes     
Nine lights 3200 100.00  
Daylite 110.00  
Four light 3200 35.00  
Daylite 40.00  
Two light 3200 25.00  
Daylite  one light  perfect for car rigs 25.00  
One light 3200    20.00  


2k Baby Zip Soft w/crate 35.00  
750w Baby Soft w/crate 25.00  

HMI Fresnels

12k   No longer   sold  N/A
 6k    No longer  sold N/A
ARRI   Baby Max   1800w           Fresnel 265.00
ARRI   Baby Max   1800w          Par 265.00
1200   HMI Par or fresnel    ARRI or Mole Richardson 135.00
575 135.00
200w 75.00  
100w carmount  Type 35.00  
Frezzi light car mount or camera mount  type  50w  12v 30.00  

HMI Pars                               



ARRI   Baby Max    1800w   Par w square wave \ ballast 260.00
1200w par   Mole Richardson and ARRI 140.00
Joker 400w     150.00

Bug-a-Beam adaptor for all Source 4   

Chimera Ring for Joker  15.00   or      Small Chimera   




Camera Dollies

Fisher #10     had many  years,   no longer, can pick one up N/A
EZ Jib 125.00
Western Dolly     50.00
Doorway Dolly    Aluminum Cheese Plate Type 45.00
Pipe Dolly  or Skate Board  Dollies 65.00
Skateboard Trough Wheels 45.00
Track Square or Round  8ft Sections 12.00
Dana Dolly  and  Several  Types of Camera Sliders   120.00  


600 amp single or 3 phase Truck Mounted generator,  sold off     N/A


 Honda Generators      
6500w  Crystal Honda           call  
3000w Honda with inverter 135.00
2000w Honda with inverter 75.00


3500 watt Variac Dimmer 22.00  
2000 watt Variac Dimmer 1200  
2000 watt  electronic dimmer 8.00  
1000 watt electronic dimmer 5.00  
650   watt electronic dimmer 3.00  
1000 watt special neon dimmer 10.00  
Step Down Transformer (480 to 208 volts) ...250amps per leg 3 phase,  we use a lot when shooting in  Coors Brewery 140.00
Tie ins trico clips/ lrg or sm set of 5 legs 15.00  
600amp Safety switch 25.00  
100ft runs of 2/00 cable 12.00  
#2 Banded 3 conductor 50/ft 15.00  
50/ft bates extension 10.00  
Three Phase Bates Distro Box 1200 Amp 80.00  
Extension cords 50/ft or 25/ft 3.50  
Lunch Box to 4 way Edisons 9.00  


Fluorescents lighting
All Kino Flows are Complete with Ballats, Head & Cables & Both Set of Tubes 32 & 56k     complete available with Grip Trucks
Image 80        8 Tubes 4 ft with all tubes 32k & 56k
Flat Head 80  8 Tubes 4ft with all tubes 32k & 56k 120.00
Kino Flo 4ft 4 Tubes  32k or 56k     with all tubes 
Kino Flo 2ft  4 Tube   32k or 56k    with all tubes      
Two  Bank 4ft with all tubes 32k & 56k
Kino Flo  Diva 400  with all tubes and built in dimmer
Kino Flo Mini 9" or 6"    AC or DC
LED Lighting Panels  and  LED Fresnels
Mole Richardson fresnel  daylite w/ dimmer and focus control
LED LitePanels 1x1 100w  Bi Color w dimmer & color cont.
LED  Mole Lights 400w    w/ Dimmer & DMX                65.00
LED  Quasar Science  2ft   Battery operated tubes      25.00
LED  Quasar Science  1ft   Battery  operated tubes     20.00
LED  Quasar  Science  7 inch  Battery operated tubes  15.00
ARRI SkyPanel 60  LED             275.00
Chimera for SkyPanel 60    3 diffuser's full, half, & quarter  50.00
We have Chimera's For  LED  1x1 Panels and all Lighting  
We are an authorized factory Chimera Dealer, the factory is just 35 minutes away In Boulder Colorado....So if we don't have your favorite Light Bank .. we will buy it...for your shoot .... Our job is to make our clients happy...
Daylite Large or Medium Bank w/ any speed ring 25.00
Daylite Small Bank w/ any speed ring 25.00
Quartz  Medium Bank w/ any speed ring
Quartz Small Bank w/ any speed ring
Video Pro  Medium Bank w/ any speed ring
Video Pro  Small Bank w/ any speed ring
Video Pro  extra small Bank   w/ any speed ring
Chimera Bank for 1x1 Litepanel    requires no ring     
Universal Speed Ring fits all medium banks and  Lights
 Panasonic Studio Monitors BTLH 17   plate for 5/8 pin  75.00    
Camera Sliders from 4ft to 12ft    several types 120.00
Chimeras for all Light from 50w  to 12k  HMI's or Tungsten   
 small banks, video pro, med, and Large Banks  
Sticks and Heads     small type video  Matthews          25.00ea
Ravelli   lite weight head and sticks                25.00  
 EZ Jib and Base    125.00  
 Skate Dolly  $20.00